Stealth, Skill, and Proper Grammar

About TechWriter.Ninja

by Todd Phillips, published 7 November 2014

A few years ago I decided to stop hand-coding my sites and use content management systems instead. That decision was based on the idea that I'm a writer and I should be focusing on my writing and not on the behind-the-scenes coding. Funny thing, after all these years I am still working with behind-the-scenes coding, particularly since I started working with MadCap Flare on a regular basis. Somewhere in early 2014 I was discussing some changes to a Web portal with one of our Web developers. He asked me if I had ever considered going to work as a Web developer. I had to admit that I had never seriously considered it. I didn't think I had the coding chops to handle the work, but my colleague pointed out that I understood enough to get under the hood with him and point out areas that could be improved.


A more recent contributing factor is that our son is nearing the end of high school. This means that soon we won't be tied to this part of the country and can consider finding somewhere less expensive to live. To make that happen I have to consider a new job somewhere, or there is a possibility that my employer will let me work remotely full time. Either way, getting my portfolio built up is a good idea. I have several large documents written with Flare for my portfolio, but I need something to show that I can, in fact, code HTML and related languages. So I decided to rework this site to become a combination testing ground and portfolio piece instead of merely a place to indulge my snarky humor and talk about the tools I use.

Some notes about the site:

I am available for freelance work. I would also value your comments and constructive criticisms. Feel free to contact me using the email information in the page footer. Thanks for visiting!